Leasing Guide

We can assist you with a range of products/solutions, always provided with great service and value. We hope you find our guide useful. Firstly, here are the main features of our most popular product:

Business Or Personal Contract Hire

What is a lease/contract hire?

Simply, it is a fixed term hire of a vehicle, with a contracted mileage, supplied with or without a maintenance package

Fixed monthly payments

Contract hire provides for fixed cost motoring, and a clear agreement which lists any included services

No risk with depreciation

A vehicle is (usually, bar some exotic options) a depreciating asset, and the risk of any change in residual value is taken by the leasing company

Warranty protection

All new vehicles come with a full manufacturers warranty, providing peace of mind surrounding additional costs

Maintenance Packages

You can add a maintenance package to cover; Servicing, Tyres, other wear and tear parts, and comprehensive breakdown cover.

What to watch out for

A contract hire comes with a contractual mileage limit. There are excess mileage penalties, so it's good to monitor, and amend if needed

End of contract damage charges

Our entire panel of funders, are members of our trade body (BVRLA) who oversee the ‘fair wear and tear’ guide, providing clear guidance

Is contract hire cost effective?

Our funding panel combined have over 1 million vehicles on the road in the UK, and wholesale discounts that lease vehicles attract, great value for you.

Contract Hire Pros and Cons


  • Fixed monthly payments. Maintenance can be included too
  • Massive wholesale discounts not always available with cash or finance purchases
  • No residual value risk – this sits with the leasing company
  • Access to new cars and vans with free UK wide delivery


  • Contracted (locked in) lease duration, of generally between 24 and 60 months
  • Set mileage limitation with excess mileage penalties if exceeded (contract hire)
  • Leasing is generally for new cars only (is this really a con?!)
  • Early termination or settlement charges if you need to hand back before lease expiry

How should you fund your vehicles?

There are many ways to fund your vehicles, and our business is helping you make the right choice. We are business and personal vehicle leasing and contract hire specialists. Contact us to discuss your needs, and you can be sure of great service, and competitive rates. Here is a little more information on the various products we can offer:

Contract Hire

The most popular method of vehicle funding, based on a set term and anticipated mileage given at the outset (which can usually be amended should needs change, as part of our pro-active mileage monitoring process, designed to help you avoid excess mileage penalties.) A fixed term contract is entered in to which is typically 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, and with contract hire the charge to hand back early (early termination) is usually 50% of remaining rentals. The major funders we partner, all work to BVRLA (our industry trade body) fair wear and tear guidelines.

As opposed to owning, taking the residual value risk, and dealing with re-sale, this form of finance offers simple, fixed cost motoring, which can include the add on of a full maintenance package for convenience, to cover: tyres, brakes, wear and tear parts, servicing, and breakdown cover. (Road tax is provided for the full term with contract hire.)

Daily Rental

Available to businesses who have a fleet insurance policy that covers hire vehicles.

Leasepoint Rental offer unmatched vehicle availability, and can deliver cars and vans to UK mainland addresses within 2 working hours usually. We have a preferential tariff owing to our large combined spend with major rental companies.

Should your business use daily rental, talk to us, or look at our rental page located in our ‘fleet services’ tab.

Personal Contract Hire

As with Contract hire for business use, this form of finance is a popular method of vehicle funding. Commonly used by individuals in receipt of a car allowance.

Refer to our ‘Contract Hire’ box above to see how this funding method works.

Vehicle Finance: PCP/HP

We are also able to provide Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase at competitive rates. These forms of finance are suitable for businesses and individuals looking to finance a new or used vehicle.

Contact us if you are looking to finance a vehicle.

Finance Lease

With this method of funding, you choose to pay either the entire cost of the vehicle, including interest charges, over an agreed period or pay lower monthly rentals with a final payment based on the anticipated resale value of the vehicle. With a finance lease you do not take automatic ownership of the vehicle at the end of the term. Instead, you have the following options:

1. Continue with the vehicle on a peppercorn rental (otherwise known as secondary hiring period) once all repayments are made. This is an annual one off payment to keep the lease live, until you are ready to sell to a 3rd party.

2. Nominate a 3rd party ( with most funders this can be a partner, director or any other 3rd party) at any time once all payments are settled, to sell the vehicle to. You decide the sale value, and a fee of 0% to 5% of the proceeds of sale value, are kept by the leasing company.

3. Hand the vehicle back to the funder, who will dispose of the vehicle at auction, and will charge you a circa £300 disposal fee.

Usually, finance lease does not come with the option of a maintenance package, so you would be responsible for maintenance of the vehicle. (Road tax is provided for year one with finance lease, and would be charged on to you for further years.)

Finance lease is sometimes the ideal solution to customer needs, especially as it provides the same VAT and tax efficiency as contract hire.

Outright Purchase

Outright purchase, is a popular choice with smaller companies, who are happy to take residual value risks and spend the additional time managing the purchase, sale and maintenance of their fleet. The largest wholesale vehicle discounts are available with contract hire and finance lease packages, though we are also able to source and supply competitive terms should you be looking to arrange the outright purchase of any vehicle(s).

Mini Lease

A mini-lease offers the same flexibility as daily rental, but over a slightly longer term. Minimum rental periods are 1 month and payments are fully inclusive of all maintenance and associated costs. Commonly used to cover seasonal peaks in demand, and for new starters in probationary periods. We have highly competitive rates available, please enquire.

Why Choose Us?

We are a well established and trusted car and van supplier to businesses and individuals throughout the UK. Whatever your remit or query, please get in touch for great service and pricing.

We can assist with the provision of anything from a single vehicle to a large fleet, including complex fleet solutions and specialist commercial vehicles. Leasepoint are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, the Information Commissioners office, our trade body (BVRLA) and the funders with whom we partner, so you can be sure of our professionalism and experience.

Should you proceed with any product we offer, comprehensive terms will be provided, and at all stages of contact with you we will work to the principles of ‘treating customers fairly’ in line with our compliance and internal processes.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to be of assistance.