Important Information

Important Information about our service:

Leasepoint Vehicle Management Limited are an independent intermediary. We will introduce you to one of our panel of leasing companies/funders, and we may receive a commission payment from them. 

Leasepoint are committed to treating customers fairly, ensuring our products and services are clearly understood, and to ensuring we are compliant with the rules, principles and practices set out by our governing/regulatory bodies, and trade associations.

This document is designed to help you consider the product offered to you, and your rights associated.

Please review your order form and read through this document, so that you are fully satisfied with the; suitability, terminology, and affordability, listed with your proposed vehicle contract, or service from us.

This document is not a set of formal terms and conditions, rather it is a guide to ensure we have provided you sufficient information to help you understand the product, lease, finance agreement, or service you are proceeding with. Full terms will follow from the chosen funder we introduce you to, following finance approval. These documents from the funder will then be signed by you if you are happy with the terms associated, and wish to proceed. If at this stage, you feel that the product is not right for you, please do not sign the documents provided. Instead, call us to discuss, and we can either arrange to re-work your order, or cancel without any fees to you. Once you have completed our funders documents, and wish to cancel before delivery, cancellation fees will apply.

With our initial quotation, you will have received an information notice, and our regulatory initial disclosure. If you have any queries regarding any of the information/documentation sent to you, please let us know.

See headings as follows
1. Pricing and suitability
2. Contract hire (or personal contract hire)
3. Finance lease
4. Personal contract purchase (PCP)
5. Affordability
6. Complaints procedure
7. Administration fee
8. Fair wear and tear guides (BVRLA)
9. Treating customers fairly
10. next steps.

1. Pricing and Suitability:

Leasepoint operate in a price driven, competitive market. When providing you with a quotation we competitively tender funding rates across our panel of funders, whilst also applying preferential manufacturer terms, to reach the lowest possible overall cost for each quotation supplied. We do not choose the funder that suits us best, or provides us the best benefit, instead we work to consistently provide best rate, as well as to consider the provision of the right level of customer service, and whole life cost, thus best representing the interests of our customer with each vehicle quoted/supplied. We are not a funder, rather we are an independent intermediary who will introduce you to the most suitable funder available to us, based on your remit.

Please read the information below regarding our core vehicle funding/leasing packages, to help you read our order form and be sure that you understand your choices, and what you are signing up to, before committing to the vehicle & package we suggest.

Our main vehicle leasing/funding packages are summarised below. Full terms will be supplied for you by the funder we introduce you to, so that you can formally commit, after you proceed with any order. The process starts with us quoting you for any vehicle(s) you request. Once we have fully understood your requirements, and you have decided to proceed, we then forward an order form along with the terms listed here, so that you can fully appraise your requirements before going ahead with us. Once you proceed with us we will have you confirm your approval by way of an e-sign order form and these terms. Once finance is approved, we will provide you with a formal confirmation of us ordering your car with the manufacturer / factory, and will confirm the actual estimated lead time as provided by our supplier. Following this we will then send to you finance documents

2. Contract Hire, or Personal Contract Hire.

This is the most common method for the funding of business vehicles. You do not end up with ownership, instead a fixed term hire contract is agreed, along with a predicted mileage. Road tax is included, and contract durations typically range from 24 months to 60 months. It is optional to take a full maintenance contract that covers; servicing, tyres, wear and tear parts, and usually breakdown cover too. Please note that a contract hire cannot be handed back early without charge. As a rule, subject to length of time on lease/remaining payments, there is a 50% of remaining payments ‘early termination charge’ that could apply (sometimes up to 100%). Do not enter in to a contract hire, unless you are happy to commit to the lease duration offered. With Contract Hire, where applicable, VAT is reclaimable at: 50% on the finance element of a rental, and 100% on the maintenance element, should you opt for a fully maintained contract. On hand back the car or van will be inspected, and charges will only be made for damage outside of fair wear and tear. See links below for our industry trade body hand back guides, so that you can appraise condition before expiry / collection of lease. Mileage is also important to estimate correctly, and to monitor during a lease, to avoid hand back excess mileage penalties. We will contact you during your lease, to see if a mileage re-quote is required, or is possible, and we advise that you keep updates on mileage versus contractual allowances. Terms vary from funder to funder, and full conditions will be supplied with every contract we arrange, please review before sign off on all/any orders you place.

Key information:

 Maintenance: Our order form will list either a non-maintained contract, or a fully maintained contract. If non-maintained, you will be responsible for any wear or tear parts, including tyres, as well as servicing. A full maintenance package provides tyres, wear and tear parts, and servicing based on the annual mileage you have listed.

Mileage: Your order form (and any quotations initially supplied) will list the annual mileage for the contract. Should you exceed the mileage limit total for the term of your contract, you will receive on hand back am excess mileage penalty, which is a pence per mile cost as listed on your order summary. If you reach the end of the contract and hand the vehicle back under mileage, there is no rebate for unused miles. If you are a regulated customer (Regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority – which means you are either an individual entering in to a personal contract hire, or personal finance with us, or a business sole trader or partnership of 3 or less partners) then it is not possible in all cases to adjust your mileage mid-term should your initially predicted mileage change by more than 5,000 miles over the contract, either way. If you are a Limited company, LLP, or Partnership of 4 or more partners, then it may be possible to adjust your contractual mileage at any point from 12 months in to the lease term, up to there being at least 6 monthly repayments left. We will contact you to remind you to look at your actual mileage versus contractual obligations, and 12 monthly intervals.  

Road tax: is included for the full term of any contract hire.

Early termination: A contract hire is a fixed term contract for the use of a vehicle. Before committing please be sure you are happy to take the risk of being locked in to the contractual term listed on your order summary. Terms vary from funder to funder, though it is typical that anywhere from 50% to 100% of the remaining monthly rentals due, will be the early termination charge should you wish to cancel your contract before it reaches expiry.

Condition of vehicle on hand back: We only work with premium funders who work to the BVRLA (our trade body) fair wear and tear guidelines. When providing you a lease cost, a large factor in the rental reached is the residual value calculated by the funding partner we have used. Their residual value allows for the ‘fair wear and tear’ condition of their vehicle upon hand back by you. Therefore, upon collection of the vehicle at the end of your lease, an inspection will be carried out to highlight any damage so that a damage invoice can be raised if applicable. See point 8 below for fair wear and tear guides.

Personal Contract Hire:
    As per Contract Hire terms above, though Personal Contract Hire rentals are quoted inclusive of VAT.

3. Finance Lease:

The VAT and Tax treatment of contract hire, also apply to finance lease, though this is a differently structured funding method, available to business users only. Finance lease is not like Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, or Contract Purchase. You do not end up with ownership of the vehicle. Instead, you settle the entire value of the vehicle over a set period, which is typically 24 months to 60 months. A Final balloon payment is optional, and there are options to control the level of initial payment made. Once the full repayments have been made in full (or at an early settlement stage if required, where a figure can be provided) there are options available to you. You may choose to nominate a 3rd party to be invoiced by the leasing company/funder with whom you are contracted, the 3rd party would then pay the agreed amount, and would receive the V5 from the leasing company/funder. You would at this time, receive the proceeds of sale, minus a charge of between 0% and 5% levied by the leasing company/funder. At this point the finance lease is closed off and the provider has no further interest in the vehicle. Alternatively, you may wish to carry on with the vehicle in a ‘secondary hiring period’. In order to do this, you will be charged an annual peppercorn rental, and this will allow you to keep the vehicle until you are ready to exercise your right to sell to a 3rd party.

4. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP):

This is a personal finance plan, which comes with a final ‘optional payment’ which gives you the option of either handing the vehicle back in line with contractual parameters, or purchasing at a ‘guaranteed future value’ which is set at the start of the contract.

5. Affordability:

Please ensure you are comfortable with the affordability of any agreement that you enter in to, particularly in respect of the terms noted above with the finance methods listed.

6. Complaints Procedure:

We value your feedback, good or bad. Please let us know what you think of our service. Any feedback you provide is used to help us in our efforts to continually improve and grow. If a complaint should arise, we will promptly work hard to resolve in line with our set procedures and regulatory standards.

In the event of a complaint being necessary, please email: and within 2 working hours of your complaint, we will reply to confirm receipt. The complaint will then be investigated internally with any staff, suppliers, or 3rd parties concerned. Within 48 hours we will then respond with an explanation of any issues surrounding your complaint, and if in any way possible, we will offer a resolution to address any outstanding problem(s). Should the issue be more complex, we will endeavour to handle your complaint in a timely fashion. However, our trade body (BVRLA) can be approached to arbitrate if you feel we have not resolved your complaint satisfactorily after 4 weeks.

The BVRLA is our trade body operate an arbitration service, designed to assist with any complaint that is not resolved to your satisfaction. You can obtain a complaint form via this link:

7. Administration Fee:

Our order form may list an administration fee. This is invoiced by Leasepoint on 14 day terms, following finance approval.

8. Fair wear and tear guides (BVRLA):

With contract hire (or personal contract hire) you take a vehicle over a set term as listed on your order form, and you agree to hand the vehicle back in line with fair wear and tear standards that are set out within the following guides, created by our industry trade body (BVRLA). We recommend that you appraise any lease vehicles that are due to expire, at least 12 weeks before expiry, so that you can plan for any refurbishment that may be required. The following links provide a thorough guide to the fair wear and tear that is acceptable, and also provides information on the types of damage that would be chargeable. A further inspection should also be carried out in the days leading up to expiry so that you are aware of any damage that could have last minute repairs carried out before collection is agreed. We only work with funders/suppliers, that work to these guidelines, to ensure you are protected by the universal principles set by our trade body, listed within these guides.

9. Treating customers Fairly (TCF):

Leasepoint operate a robust internal control framework. We take a cautious approach to ensuring we are compliant and that we treat customers fairly. In order to successfully meet our objectives we endeavour to maintain an efficient operating environment adopting a culture, behaviours and approach to products and services that do not result in poor outcomes for customers.

We endeavour to deliver on the following outcomes:

    Customers are provided with sufficient (clear, fair and not misleading) information in order to take an appropriate and informed decision on the product.
    Products only reach the customers they were designed for.
    Products are suitable for the target customer’s personal circumstances and meet their needs.
    Products function as expected.
    Underwriting decision are fair and appropriate to their personal circumstances and meet their needs.
    Customers receive a fair and reasoned response to any expression of dissatisfaction.
    Customers are only charged fees in-line with their expectations.
    Customers can be confident that their data is secure.
    Customers can be confident that when an unexpected incident occurs, the business will be recovered and they will not suffer any unfair outcomes.

We measure our success on these outcomes by continually reviewing our customer feedback, and recording any complaints received, or advisories provided by our supplying partners. Our main aim with everything we do, is to ensure customer satisfaction, and our exceptionally low rate of complaint, is testament to our effectiveness.

10. Next steps:

If you decide to proceed with an order with us, we will have you complete a proposal form, or confirm a previous proposal form is still accurate, so that we can seek to obtain finance approval from our chosen funder. Following finance approval, we will formally confirm your order, and will forward to you a set of finance documents, so that you can formally commit to your chosen product/package with our funder directly. We will manage the process throughout, and will be your point of contact from quotation, through to delivery, and then throughout the course of your agreement, until collection is arranged and completed. We cannot provide you with taxation advice, and the ultimate suitability of any product we offer needs to be considered by you before you sign our order, or before you complete the funder documents that we will forward to you following finance approval. Delivery and collection is included within our quotation.

Further information on the bodies that we are members of, are regulated by, or authorised by:

BVRLA: The British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association Our membership number is: 1942

ICO: The Information Commissioners Office: Our registration number is: Z2043762

(We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of Regulated customers; Private individuals, sole traders, and partnerships of 3 or less partners). Privacy statement. Please read our privacy statement