Fleet Tracking

Do you require vehicle tracking for your fleet? We have the ideal solution.

Distributors of the UK's leading tracking system | Keenly priced and hassle free contract | Rapid installations and no fuss service | Comprehensive software/functionality

Comprehensive fleet tracking for businesses:
  • 12 months commitment | 3 months FREE
  • Months 4 to 12 are £22.90 VAT per month (which is an average of £17.17 VAT per month over the first 12 months)
  • Track your vehicles comprehensively, and simply.
  • Easy to scrutinise dashboard and reporting.
  • Fuel economy optimisation reports.
  • Driving style report – this gives a score to each driver - case studies show that if drivers are given a score to achieve, a 20% fuel saving can be achieved, which over a fleet of just 10 can bring very large fuel savings.
  • By the end of the 3 months FREE period, the system will have shown areas for improvement and saving, and the benefits should outweigh the costs.
  • Vehicle Utilisation analysis – a report which shows how many miles each vehicle has done, including travelling and idle time.
  • Time on site reports – you can type in an address to see what vehicle has been to an address, for how long, and when.
  • Unlimited Geo Fencing – Time and geographical boundaries can be set, so notifications would be sent if applicable.
  • Driving style including harsh acceleration and braking reports, on individual vehicles or as a league table across fleet: bad drivers highlighted in Red, moderate in Orange, and Green for the better drivers.