Honda e:Ny1

By Jess
Honda e:Ny1

The Honda e:Ny1 is the brands second fully electric vehicle within the UK, and is 60mm longer than the Honda HR-V, clearly putting this vehicle right within the SUV sector.

The Honda e:Ny1 has the increasing popular rear light bar and slimmed- down headlights and chrome/black exterior trim on the exterior. Within the vehicle Honda has packed a lot in, such as; ambient lighting, Sensing Active Safety System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition System, Driver Attention Monitor, Large 15.1inch Touchscreen, which splits to 3 display zones (Top – Clock, Camera and Navigation. Middle – Infotainment and EV Menus. Bottom – Air-Con Controls) and the have not forgotten about the Seats, with having re-designed them to include more padding too offer plenty support and a comfortable ride.

The model comes with 204ps motor, powered by a 68.8kWh battery and is estimated to have a WLTP range of approx. 256 miles. It also has a 11kW on-board AC Charger as standard and it can also take the maximum rate of 78KW from a DC rapid Charger. Charging times varies quite significantly depending on your type of charger for example, 3-pin plug takes approx.32 hours, but a 78kW rapid charger (10-80%) takes approx.45 minutes.

The vehicle can also go from 0 – 62mph within 7.6 seconds, and has 3 driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport.

The Honda e:Ny1 also offers a reasonable boot capacity of 361 litres, which increases to 1,176 litres when the rear seats are folded down.

Honda offers this vehicle at two trim levels, Elegance (approx. £44,995) and Advance (approx. £47,195).

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