Top Tips for Driving in the Snow and Ice.

By Jess
Top Tips for Driving in the Snow and Ice.
Although Winter is supposed to be ‘the most magical time of the year’, it can also mean severe weather conditions, poor driving conditions and lack of visibility for many drivers, so here are our Top Tips for driving in the Snow and Ice this Winter.

• Ask the question – Do I need to leave my house? And if you do, try, and plan your journey around the weather forecasts.

• Plan your Journey- Try sticking to main roads, which will most likely have been gritted.

• Fully De-Ice your window screen (inside and out). Driving without full visibility is illegal.

• Check your tyres.

• Make sure all your vehicle lights are fully working.

• Check your windscreen wipers are fully working.

• Have plenty of fuel.

• Have spare blankets, torch, snacks, water within the vehicle.

 Driving in the snow


• Do not use your daytime running lights in the snow. Use your headlights for better visibility.

• Leave as much room as possible between you and the vehicle in front.

• Use a low gear to try and avoid breaking. But remember to touch the brake pedal slightly so that the vehicle behind knows you are stopping.

• Avoid changing gear on a hill.

• Pull away in 2nd Gear.

• Easy foot of the clutch slowly, when pulling away or changing gear.

• Do not speed – be gentle on the throttle.

Driving in Icy Conditions/ Black Ice


• Drive Slowly – be gentle on the Throttle.

• Pull of slowly from a standstill position.

• Avoid harsh breaking – brake gentle.

• Avoid aggressive steering.

• Avoid sudden movements if you do hit ice. Don’t hit the brakes, release accelerator, and keep steering as straight as possible.

Remember, driving within snow and icy conditions can increase your stopping distance by up to 10 times the average stopping distance. Take your time, do not rush, plan your journey, and make sure you have done all the necessary checks before you set off this winter.