Fleet Management – Leasepoint can help you!

By Roger Whittaker
Fleet Management – Leasepoint can help you!


It is critical that businesses who have drivers on company business, comply with the Duty of Care legislation surrounding Fleet Vehicle drivers. 

Leasepoint can offer a range of fleet services to help you operate a more compliant and efficient fleet. 

Our system will allow drivers to carry out vehicle inspection reports, log up to date mileage, and see information relevant to their vehicle. It will also allow an admin log in for those in control, to manage driver movements between vehicles, collate P11d data, keep a record of MOT due dates,  log damage to vehicles, check vehicle replacement dates, and keep on top of notifications. 

We are also able to carry out driver licence checks directly with the DVLA to ensure that all drivers and nominated drivers (family members nominated by an employee) have a valid driving licence and keep a record of any points that might have been accrued. For medium to high risk drivers more regular checks are required and the system will automatically take care of this. 

Do you have a fleet vehicle policy that needs to be brought up to date? We can offer guidance. 

For further information visit: leasepoint.co.uk or call 01270 620760 and speak to a member of the team.