Posted by LPN on September 12th 2014

DVLA abolish paper tax disc


As of 1st October 2014 the DVLA will no longer produce the paper tax disc that is displayed in vehicles.

Below are some key points for you to take note of:

  • Some tax discs issued in September will be different as the DVLA are printing these in house so as not to have surplus stock left after 1st October
  • Reminders will still be sent by post to the registered keeper of the vehicle and vehicle tax will still need to be paid, online or at the post office but no tax disc will be issued to place in the vehicle.  If you wish to have confirmation that your vehicle has been taxed a copy of the online payment or a post office receipt can be kept in the vehicle but this does not have to be displayed.
  • The DVLA will hold tax information that can be accessed by the police and will also be available on the DVLA’s website
  • The cost of vehicle tax is determined by HM Treasury and is set as part of the annual budget and not the DVLA.
  • There is no option for those who would still want to display a tax disc to do so.
  • Refunds will be issued when the DVLA are informed of a change of owner or if the vehicle is declared off the road (SORN)
  • Vehicle tax can not be transferred. If a vehicle is sold, the buyer will have to tax it before it is used.
  • More information from the DVLA can be found at





Posted by LPN on March 4th 2014

March Mercedes Offers – All models at great rates.

mercedes march offerSuperb deals available as above, such as:

C Class from £222.97 + VAT per month

SLK 250CDI AMG Sport Auto from only £259.27 + VAT per month

E220Cdi SE Auto Saloon from only £259.27 + VAT per month

*6+23, 10k per annum, £195 + VAT processing fee.

We have superb rates on all Mercedes models currently, and this list is only a small snapshot of the best value available.

Move quickly, whilst stocks last, and whatever Mercedes you are considering put Leasepoint to the test for not only the best rates available, but also for our reliable, hassle free service.

Request a quote, detailing your preferences, via the following link:


Posted by LPN on December 18th 2013

Winter Weather considerations:

Winter Weather Reminder:

Winter is fast approaching and that means that snow and ice are on their way. As part of your duty of care to your company car drivers, Leasepoint advise you consider the provision of the below items. We provide duty of care packs for our clients that can be specified to include any items below. Just let us know if you would like to discuss this further. More information can be found here:

Winter Weather considerations

Here is a list of the things that drivers should carry in their vehicle.

  • · An extra jumper/ warm clothes
  • · Warning triangle
  • · First aid kit
  • · De-icer
  • · Windscreen scraper
  • · Sealed snacks and a drink
  • · Battery jump cables
  • · Shovel
  • · Basic tool kit
  • · Tow rope
  • · Sleeping bag/ blanket
  • · Torch
  • · High visibility vest
  • · Power adapter

It is also necessary to ensure that vehicle tyres and fluid levels are checked more regularly and that driving styles are adapted to road conditions.

We would be pleased to provide you with any assistance to keep you in line with your duty of care liabilities.




Posted by LPN on November 27th 2013

Leasepoint are 4 years old ! – “Happy birthday to us”

Thank you to all of our customers. We have thoroughly enjoyed our 4 years of providing high levels of service and keen pricing on all makes and models of car and van.

So that we can continue to forge ahead, and continue to grow as well in the next 4 years as we have to date, we have lots of exciting plans on the horizon.

Most notably, is an upcoming re-brand and new website, which will offer a clear and useful tool for our customers.

In other news, we are also signing a distributor agreement in the coming weeks, that will allow us to offer exceptional rates to our customers for the UK’s market leading vehicle tracking system. More to follow…

Thank you for your continued custom, and we hope to still be supplying you following our next 4 year stint.

Leasepoint Vehicle Management Limited


Posted by LPN on November 8th 2013

Place your orders now for a £125 + VAT saving (applicable to stock vehicles only.)

We are pleased to announce that 2013 has seen Leasepoint grow further.  This year we have funded vehicles with a collective value of £5.5M, up on £4.4M in 2012, and during the next 12 months we are scheduled to reach our long set benchmark of having 1,000 vehicles on lease to our cumulative client list.

Anyhow, grand plans aside we are now in the closing days and weeks of 2013 and in order to help generate sales for stock vehicles (to be delivered before December 31st 2013) we are offering the following incentive to all customers old and new:

For all orders received from November 11th 2013 to December 2nd 2013, our usual admin fee will be waived, providing a £125 + VAT saving on all orders received during this time.

This is applicable to vehicles that are deliverable before December 31st 2013.

Please form an orderly queue to place your orders!?.


Posted by LPN on November 1st 2013

New sales person arrives at Leasepoint!

We welcome Craig Ashcroft to the Leasepoint sales team.

Craig brings with him a wealth of vehicle and finance experience from his vast automotive background covering commercial vehicles, prestige and luxury, and fleet, and is set to bring a further edge to the Leasepoint offering.

Your contacts within Sales, are: Craig Ashcroft, and Roger Whittaker.

Vicky Wood, our admin manager, looks after all Admin and Post sale duties.

The Leasepoint team look forward to assisting you.


Posted by LPN on October 30th 2013

Leasepoint rates

Leasepoint provide market leading rates on any car or van, and our rates for the remainder of 2013 include some impressive choices, here is an example:

ratesRates quoted are plus VAT, and £125+ VAT admin fee.

Other quotes available on request, please request your quote by clicking HERE


Posted by LPN on September 5th 2013

New spare wheel being tested by the AA:

Spare wheels are a common area of interest to our customers. Especially seeing as in recent years, the drive for lower emissions has seen the major manufacturers drop spare wheels in favour of tyre inflation kits (an expanding foam to keep the tyre up so that the car can be gently driven home and or on to a tyre provider.) Many of our larger fleet customers like to have a spare wheel provided within the car, and not all drivers are keen on the inflation kit option.

Where there is no way back to life for a tyre/wheel, the AA have been trialling a spare wheel, which is ‘universal’, due to the number of members that do not have a spare wheel in their car.

The wheel is a fivestud with 17 inch alloy system with special adaptors that adapt to 10 different sizes, so as to find the best fit for the majority of modern cars. This can be fitted by the roadside and when the original tyre is repaired/ replaced at the drivers local garage the ‘universal’ wheel is reclaimed by the AA via the dealer / courier.

Did you know, from as little as £45 + VAT, you can add a spare wheel to your contract hire vehicle, which on a standard 3+35 contract equates to just £1.18 + VAT per month. Speak to Leasepoint if you would like to discuss any aspect surrounding your fleet of company vehicles.


Posted by LPN on August 8th 2013

Changes to new vehicle taxation

On 21st July 2013 the DVLA introduced a new process to tax a new vehicle that has not been registered before and began the phased closure of 39 regional offices.

The Changes are part of the modernisation of the DVLA’s services.

The changes have shown a number of issues including:

When a vehicle is required for immediate delivery – Previously dealerships were able to use the Automated First Registration and Licensing (AFRL) System to complete the documents required to produce a tax disc and then take this to their regional office so that the tax disc could be ‘processed overnight’. The new process requires the documentation to be completed and for the DVLA Swansea to issue the tax disc. This could take up to 14 days to be received.

Lease companies and fleet companies are opting not to deliver a vehicle when the tax disc has not been received although the DVLA have advised that as ‘a safety net’, a vehicle can be driven for up to 14 days, following registration, without a failure to display notification being issued

In order to manage any additional work the DVLA will be recruiting up to 450 staff in Swansea.

We are working hard to ensure that all deliveries are happening as promptly as possible although if you have any queries then please contact us.


Posted by LPN on April 18th 2013

New Appointment – Administration Manager:

We are pleased to announce that Vicky Wood has taken on the role of Administration Manager at Leasepoint.

Vicky has previously worked for a Fleet Management company and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge which will be of great assistance to our existing and new customers.

Once you have completed an order with our sales team, Vicky will be in full control of the documentation, invoicing, vehicle delivery, and all other matters post sale.

We wish Vicky every success in her new role.


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