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Important information regarding increasing speeding fines:

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New penalties for using a mobile phone or similar device from March 1st 2017

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Driver’s caught using their mobile phone behind the wheel will now get 6 points added to their licence along with a fine of £200.

This new government legislation has doubled both the fine amount and the numbers of points that can be applied, and also means that a driver can be taken to court and disqualified.

Previously a driver could take a remedial course in some areas but ministers believed that this wasn’t strict enough, so if you are caught using a mobile phone for the first time you will automatically receive penalty points, with no option for the course.

If you are a new driver you could face a total ban if caught using a mobile phone.

You must be in full control of your vehicle at all times. If the police believe that you are not in control or are distracted you can be stopped and issued with the fine and penalty points.

The only time that you can safely use a mobile phone whilst in a vehicle is when you are safely parked or when dialling 999 or 112 where it is unsafe or impractical to stop.

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If you require any assistance with your vehicle leasing needs, or with your compliance responsibilities surrounding the provision of business company cars or vans, please contact us.


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Changes to Vehicle Excise Duty from 1st April 2017

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From 1st April 2017, the way Vehicle Excise Duty or road tax is calculated on new vehicles is changing.

Any vehicle registered from 1st April will be subject to the change which sees a fixed amount for ‘Standard Rate’ from year 2 on all vehicles that have a value of less than £40,000. If a vehicle is over £40,000 a supplement of £310 per year is payable for the first 5 years.

All vehicles registered before 1st April 2017 will remain on the current system.

Below is the new Vehicle Excise Duty/ road tax table

New VED system – for cars registered from 2017
Emissions (g/CO2/km) First year rate Standard rate*
Zero £0 £0
Zero-50 £10 £140
51-75 £25 £140
76-90 £100 £140
91-100 £120 £140
101-110 £140 £140
111-130 £160 £140
131-150 £200 £140
151-170 £500 £140
171-190 £800 £140
191-225 £1,200 £140
226-255 £1,700 £140
over 255 £2,000 £140
*cars over £40,000 pay £310 supplement for 5 years

Be aware that the registration date does depend on the dealership supplying the vehicle and normally a vehicle will be registered on the day of delivery by the dealer. If a vehicle is estimated for delivery prior to the 1st April 2017 but is delayed, any agreed lease costs could increase due the changes detailed.


A Zero emissions vehicle with a list price under £40,000 when first registered would have a Vehicle Excise Duty of £0.00

A Zero emissions vehicle with a list price over £40,000 when first registered would have a Vehicle Excise Duty of £310.00

A 145g/CO2/km emissions vehicle with a list price under £40,000 when first registered would have a Vehicle Excise Duty of £200.00 for the first year and the following years would be £140.00

A 145g/CO2/km emissions vehicle with a list price over £40,000 when first registered would have a Vehicle Excise Duty of £200.00 for the first year and the following years would be £450.00

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Leasepoint Festive Prize Draw!

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It is nearly the season to be merry, and as a responsible provider of vehicles, we of course wholeheartedly recommend that drinking should be very seperate from driving.

However, we are sure our customers are looking forward to some well earned down time, just like us, over the festive period, and we would like to provide one lucky recipient with a gift boxed bottle of the world’s finest Rum (according to Roger Whittaker of Leasepoint who confirms this to be not only the worlds best Rum, but perhaps the worlds best Spirit – high praise indeed in his limited experience !!).

Along with the nicely presented gift box, will come 2 glasses specific to this Rum.

Any order placed with us between now and Wednesday December 14th at 5PM, will be entered in to our draw.

We will announce the good news to the winner at 5:30PM on Wednesday 14th December, after which the prize will be promptly dispatched.




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Continued growth for Leasepoint with newly purchased Crewe office.

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It’s onwards and upwards for Leasepoint following the purchase and bespoke fit out of their new Crewe office, providing an ideal location to continue expanding the business.

Director Roger Whittaker says of the new location: “We are really pleased with our new office. It is an excellent base for Leasepoint to work from, welcome customers and suppliers to, and attract new staff as we work hard to bring to life our growth plans. We started with a blank page, and with the impressive project management of local multi skilled contractor, Barlows, we re-modelled the interior of the building to perfectly suit our needs”.

Leasepoint supplies car and van leasing, rental, and a range of fleet management services, to business and individual customers throughout the UK. 2016 has seen a 50% growth in revenues, following 6 consecutive years of growth and a very successful addition to our sales team at the start of the year, but the story doesn’t stop here, says Roger: “We have heavily invested in IT recently, to allow significant increases in our processing capability. We have also added a 3rd member of staff to our admin team to make us 7 in total. What is really important to us is bolstering our exceptional level of customer service before we double our sales team and ramp up our sales and marketing efforts in the coming months.”

Roger said they were surprised by the ease of their recent office relocation in late June, from the nearby market town of Nantwich – “We were expecting challenges, especially as we were moving our phone provision away from BT on the same day, yet it ran like clockwork. The fit out completed the day before we moved in, there were no missed calls, and only 90 minutes of staff downtime as we moved from old location to new. Quite a relief!”. We are now settled in and really looking forward to expanding our customer base further”.



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Leasepoint have moved.

We are still shocked at the ease of our recent office relocation, from Nantwich to Crewe in late June. As if moving our small yet growing team was not stressful enough, we thought we would also add the extra dimension of transferring services from BT to a local VOIP telephone provider, on the same day.

We planned everything with military efficeincy, yet we still expected problems!. But, nothing. Not one issue?!. No phone calls missed, and only 90 minutes of downtime for our sales and admin teams, most of which was driving from one office to the other!. So – perfect planning really does prevent poor performance, the saying must be true after all !.

The icing on the cake is that we love our new office. Nantwich is a lovely market town, and Crewe a little more industrial and unattractive so we thought, yet it is a Town that is undergoing huge development, not least to the town, but the road and rail networks too making this a superbly located hub for us to further our growth. Once the high speed rail connections roll out, we will be 58 minutes from London Euston, so our London Satellite office should be opening in around 12 years!.

In the meantime, we have a newly fitted out office, which provides our loyal staff with a clean, bright, and pleasant environment in which to work, and we welcome you along anytime (bar Saturday or Sunday) for a Coffee and a conversation surrounding your vehicle needs.

We hope to welcome you sometime soon!.

We are due to have some pictures taken soon, but in the meantime here is our Leasepoint sign that sits very nicely on one of our newly decorated walls!!:






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Leasepoint Office Move Update!:

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2016 is an exciting year for Leasepoint, and following a fantastic 2015 we have purchased our own office locally in Crewe.

Our new premises provide an ideal platform from which to continue our growth, and provide the perfect environment for our growing staff, as well as a better setting for customers and suppliers to visit us and do business!. We are all really excited about the move, and following receipt of keys next week, we will busy over the next couple of months overseeing the fit out and preparation of our new home.

Crewe is an area undergoing huge development, road network extensions, HS2 rail expansion, and has a vibrant business community. We are looking to promote our move to local businesses to further our customer base, and invest in the operational backbone of our business, so as to ensure the highest levels of service continue as we progress onwards and upwards.

When we are close to moving, we will let you know our new address details, and would love to see our customers, and suppliers, who would be welcome to visit us any time to discuss requirements.

Business contract hire, and vehicle leasing is on the up with businesses throughout the UK, and the changes we are making are all designed to ensure we are sufficiently scalable to adapt, adopt and improve in our thriving market place.

If we can be of any assistance with your car contract hire, van fleet lease needs, or fleet management requirements, please do get in contact.


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Leasing soars in the UK


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During 2015, the use of leases by British businesses soared by 12%, to the highest level in 7 years!. Leasepoint have certainly been busy, and we have welcomed many new business contract hire and finance lease customers during the same time. According to the finance and leasing association, £29.1 billion of leases where taken out in this period, against assets such as IT, Office equipment, and most importantly of course, Vehicle fleets!.

In no small part, the tightening business bank loans market, has pushed many firms to leasing, so as to free up cash flow for business expansion and investment. Businesses are also switching on to considering whole life costs with their vehicle fleets, rather than being fixated with on balance sheet and ownership. Ultimately, business contract hire for cars or vans, and finance lease too, provide simplicity, and in most cases can provide a reduction in overall costs, owing to the access to wholesale discounts that they provide. Not one form of vehicle leasing or finance suits every need though, and a blended approach to business vehicle fleet procurement can result in significant savings over a fixed policy. Often, our customers are smaller fleets without full time fleet management expertise, in house, so we try to bring best practice from larger fleets to companies that run smaller numbers of vehicles.

If you have any business contract hire or finance lease needs, or would like to discuss your company car or van fleet leasing needs, please get in contact with us on 01270 620 760, or via


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What is Business Contract Hire?


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Business Contract Hire is a credit agreement between a trading business (sole trader, Partnership, LLP, Ltd or PLC) and a finance provider. The finance company owns the vehicle, and the customer pays a set amount per month over an agreed term. Therefore to get the best lease price possible, business customers should take out a contract on cars or vans which either come with very good front end discounts, and/or strong residual values.
There are many benefits to a business in taking contract hire over cash purchase or vehicle finance, not least the lower and fixed monthly costs.
What does Business Contract Hire include?
• Optional full maintenance, to cover; tyres, parts and servicing.
• Road tax.
• Contract terms of 12 to 60 months.
• Tailored payment plans to meet your remit.
• The option to bolt on fleet management support from Leasepoint.
• Easy access to any car or van at wholesale discounts.
The Benefits of Business Contract Hire?
Customers gain several financial and operational benefits from contract hire:
• Better Cash Flow – Your business only pays for the depreciation of the vehicle over the length of your lease. The total cost is much lower compared to taking out finance repayments on a car or buying one outright. This frees up cash for your business to focus on core activities.
• Repayments claimed as a company expense – If the cars or vans you take emit equal to or less than 120g/km of CO2, you can offset 100% of the payments against taxable liability. Even if the CO2 emissions exceed this, you can offset a sliding scale proportion to gain benefit too.
• VAT reclaim – 50% of your VAT on car contract hire payments, and 100% on van or commercial vehicle leasing can be claimed back and 100% of VAT on maintenance elements can be reclaimed too.
• Reduced vehicle administration – The leasing company handles the administration of the vehicle throughout your contract which reduces fleet admin burden.
• Increased return on investment (ROI) – Car Contract hire, and Van Contract Hire, are off balance sheet funding methods, meaning you can deploy your cash where it gets most return.
How can you obtain the best value when you are next looking to take a car or van?:
• Visit our website and request a business vehicle leasing quote for your company car or van leasing remit. We can also help with personal contract hire too. As well as car and van contract hire, we can supply excellent car or van finance lease quotations too.

• Let us know what sort of car or van lease you are looking to take on, we can then promptly supply a company car or van lease quotation for you to review.

• Annual mileage: When requesting a vehicle leasing quotation let us know of the anticipated annual mileage.

• Maintenance – You may wish to self maintain, or perhaps you prefer the smooth cash flow of a fully maintained car or van business contract hire.

• Fleet management. We do not want to simply provide you a business car or van fleet lease deal, we can also help with a range of fleet services to help you run a compliant and safe fleet of company vehicles.


Let us know how we can help you, and allow us the opportunity to quote for your next business vehicle leasing need !.



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2015 comes to a close (nearly!) and 2016 looms large!:

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We would like to thank our great customers for their support in 2015. It has been an excellent year for Leasepoint, in which we have seen ~ 25% growth versus 2014, our 5th consecutive year of positive growth in 6 years of providing businesses and individuals throughout the UK with car and van leasing and fleet services. Alas, the summit has not been reached just yet though, we have quite a lot of work queued up just now as part of our continued push in to 2016 and beyond….

Not least, we are in the process of purchasing an office unit in nearby Crewe, a Town with huge investment and re-development in process, along with the HS2 train service to complete in a few years time. We have been looking for a new home over the last 12 months, and having recently widened our scope from Nantwich (our current location) to Crewe, we immediately came across an ideal end of terrace 2 floor office unit on a popular business park that we promptly snapped up!. There will be plenty to keep us busy in the new year, with a number of works to be carried out to ensure we move in to a sparkling new environment from where we can carry out our plans!. To co-incide with the move we are transferring to new telephone and IT systems too, to cater for the new staff we will be taking on to meet our targets, so we shall certainly not be bored!.

So, what has made 2015 so good for us? and how have we continued our year on year growth?. Hard work would be the first answer, along with an uncompromising commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service to business & personal vehicle leasing customers throughout the UK. In addition to company car and van vehicle leasing, we have also increased the number of business vehicles that we look after under our vehicle fleet management service. Company car and van Compliance is of growing importance to business fleets in the UK, and we provide a range of solutions designed to ensure our customers are operating the right controls and fleet management processes. Vehicle inspection reports and online DVLA licence checks are important, as is the provision of innovative and fleet admin simplifying software. We can look after the whole of our customers fleet, whether funded on business contract hire, finance lease, outright purchase, as well as Grey fleet (those drivers in receipt of an allowance to run their own cars.)

Whatever your vehicle fleet leasing needs, we can provide a one stop shop level of support, to simplify both the day to day running of your fleet, as well as to provide an assurance of competitive rates and great service, with any car of van lease provided.

Please contact us if we can assist you in any way with your company car or commercial vehicle leasing needs. or 01270 620 760.

Have a great Christmas!.

Please also see below our festive period opening hours:

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