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“The ban on the sales of all petrol and diesel cars should be brought forward by 8 years to 2032”, is the statement we’re all hearing today after MP’s on an influential Commons committee called on the Government to bring the Zero Emissions targets to be brought in by 2032 instead of 2040.

However, the plans have been called “vague and unambitious” with the committee’s own chairwoman, Rachel Reeves MP, saying that the Government’s targets give “little clarity or incentive to industry or the consumer to invest in electric cars and vans.” While the Government aims for the UK to be “the best place in the world” to own an electric vehicle, and the UK being among the top 10 countries for electric vehicle sales in 2017, the plans have been criticized with the committee commenting that this country is far from electric vehicle ready, with Reeves adding that “Our infrastructure is simply not fit for purpose” and the report finding that the poor provision of charge points is one of the biggest hurdles to the UK EV market. At Leasepoint we see the infrastructure of electric charging points optimistically, and feel confident that by 2021 the level of charging points will be sufficient for what will by this time be a ballooning demand for electric cars, as range anxiety is reduced with increased knowledge, and increasing battery capacity. In terms of car leasing, the electric car makes sense, especially when personal (BIK) reduces in 2020/2021, at which point we expect to see the start of a migration of personal car leasing customers, move back to a company car lease, as low personal taxation, and greater control of duty of care, shift the trend.

Not everyone was happy with the idea of bringing the ban forward. The Freight Trade Association warned the committee’s call could ‘cripple’ the haulage trade. FTA chief Richard Burnett said, “At the moment there is no alternative to diesel available for HGVs nor is there likely to be an affordable option on the market for many years” He also stated, “crippling the industry that keeps the UK fed, clothes and equipped with unnecessary red tape and rules is just plain wrong.”

Howard Cox co-founder of FairFuel UK yesterday commented “This is exactly the kind of stupid idea that gives politics and the green agenda a bad name” he continued “It means junking almost all our perfectly usable cars which can become even clean with better fuel technology.”

The Industry reaction didn’t stop there with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ chief executive Mike Hawes saying “Government’s 2040 ambition was already extremely challenging, so to fast-track that by 8 years would be nigh on impossible. We said we need world class infrastructure and world class incentives to have any chance of delivering so the recent cuts to the Plug-In Car Grants and lack of charging facilities- both of which are severely criticised by the Committee- show just how difficult it would be to accelerate this transition.”

BVRLA, the trade body for the car and van leasing industry, Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said “The Government’s electric vehicle strategy needs to move from one based on visions to one based on actions.

If India, China and Scotland feel able to set a target of banning new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2032, the UK should be brave enough to meet that challenge as well

As the purchasers of more then 50% of all new vehicles sold in the UK each year, the vehicle rental and leasing industrial is more than capable of delivering this transition to zero emission transport- if the government can provide the right supportive environment”


Greenpeace also waded into the reactions with Morten Thaysen who is a clean air campaigner at Greenpeace issuing the statement “The IPCC made it very clear that we’re now playing catch up to limit irreversible damage from climate change.

UK emissions from transport have reduced just 2% since 1990, and a growing chorus of advisers in climate, energy and industry are saying a phase out date of 2040 is too late.

“We need 100% electric car and van sales by 2030 if the government is serious about meeting its obligations under the Paris agreement.

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Posted by LPN on October 25th 2018


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