AFRL to RaV changes


Register a Vehicle (RaV) is the replacement service for AFRL (Automated First Registration and Licensing) which is used by all manufacturers and retailers registering new vehicles.

The AFRL service was first developed in the 1990s and is due to be updated to keep up with the changing requirements within the DVLA and motor industry.

Jaguar Land Rover piloted the RaV System during April 2018 with Mazda Motors UK Ltd the first Manufacturer to go Live with the RaV system on the 21st June. Fiat Chrysler along with a total of 201 other retailers have registered around 4,000 vehicles already, just in time for the announcement that AFRL will be decommissioned in February 2019.

Fiat Chrysler’s Alan Napier said; “DVLA’s technical redevelopment provided us with an opportunity to build in enhancements of our own, to arrive at an even more user-friendly system that fulfils everyone’s needs. Working closely with the DVLA and key retailer partners, we were delighted to deliver the project on time and to have the DVLA’s support with a phased migration strategy that ensured system continuity for our network. This was undoubtedly only possible because of the regular communication throughout the development period and the commitment on both sides to the deployment of the required migration support resources.”

The new RaV system is a Cloud based computer service which is designed to be more flexible, giving the ability to make changes easily and quickly to meet any future needs. The web service is currently being redesigned for current users and is due to go Live later this year, making the first registration process “simpler, quicker and even more user friendly.”

DVLA vehicles service manager Rohan Gye said; “Modernising this service allows motor retailers to complete registrations simply and quickly, using dynamic technology and is part of our drive to become a hub for digital motoring.”

The V55 series of forms, used to register vehicles are also being renewed to incorporate new fields based on new legislation introduced to made it easier to access and to go electronic.

Mazda UK sales planning manager Chris Larholt said: “The move away from the long-standing AFRL system needed to be carefully planned and delivered, so at Mazda we worked closely with our supplier and the DVLA over a number of months to ensure the switchover was seamless.

Leasepoint are confident that this change will not cause any registration glitches as it seems well tested, and based on some prior examples of the AFRL system having down time, we are hopeful for improved consistency.

The 4 letters that have been causing us problems in the car and van leasing and retail motor industry however, are WLTP, the less said about this the better!. We now expect the delays to our car/van fleet leasing and personal car leasing customers to ease, as the manufacturers are revising C02 emissions over the coming weeks.

Rachel Allen.

Leasepoint Admin

Posted by LPN on October 18th 2018


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