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We all know that driving through a city is noisy and heavily polluted, however by 2030 driving through a city is about to change……

In 2025 cities within the UK will be only running electric buses and by 2030 only electric vehicles will be allowed into our major cities. So far, the cities in the UK that have signed up for the ‘Zero Emissions Areas’ are Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford and all cities in Scotland.

The Climate Group and C40 Cities are predicating this to be next global phenomenon as more and more cities across the world are signing up to the ‘Zero Emissions Areas’.


Today at the ‘Zero Emissions Vehicle Summit’ in Birmingham the Prime minster, gave a key note speech, in which, she confirmed an “ambitious mission” with the Road to Zero Strategy “which is mapping out, in detail, how we will reach the target for all new cars and vans to be, effectively, zero-emissions by 2040-and for every car and van to be zero-emission by 2050.”

The Summit will also see the signing of the ‘Birmingham Declaration’, which will see countries commit to co-operating to accelerate the roll out of green vehicles and supporting infrastructure. Eleven countries will become founding signatories of the declaration, including, Italy, France, Denmark, UAE, Portugal, Belarus and Indonesia.

However, Carolyn Fairbairn, the Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry, made a speech in which she explained that “building the vehicles is only half the story as people must be sufficiently motivated to move away from a technology that has defined our lives for a century” and she compared the transition to zero-emissions technical challenges to the Space Race.

Although there has been no real mention of how the Road to Zero Strategy will affect businesses, the Government has committed to investing £1.5 Billion to this cause, so as with most things, only time will tell but one thing is for certain; any businesses operating within a city centre will need to change their fleet to electric vehicles by 2025.

Leasepoint are gearing up for an increasing switch to electric cars. It took 5 years to sell the first 1 million electric cars, and one million sold in 2017!

Posted by LPN on September 14th 2018


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