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Following the purchase and fit out of our Crewe based office, in early to mid 2016, we have been busy working on the infrastucture of our business.

With scalability in mind, we have had to overhaul our operational processes, to make it possible for us to process a higher volume of transactions. This has come in the form of a new IT platform, which brings together our sales, admin and ordering processes in to one system. Having implemented in March 2017, we are now fully up to speed, and ready to test the system as our volumes grow during 2018 and beyond. So with our processes ready, and our compliance in a very tidy state, we are ready to push on and see where we can steer our ship!. We have also taken on some great new staff this month, in both Admin, and more recently in sales.

However, firstly we need to maximise our existing customer base, and our new website (due latter 2018) will provide a far greater experience for customers. We are creating a marketing department internally, and will ensure our new site is loaded with many more offers, and useful content, to help us engage better with our customers. We are also adding a Trustpilot rating to the site, to showcase our high levels of customer service in a tangible way.

We are looking forward to 2018. A year in which we are set to enhance even further our good service with existing customers, whilst heavily promoting our business to new customers throughout the UK.

Posted by LPN on September 11th 2017


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