New penalties for using a mobile phone or similar device from March 1st 2017

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Driver’s caught using their mobile phone behind the wheel will now get 6 points added to their licence along with a fine of £200.

This new government legislation has doubled both the fine amount and the numbers of points that can be applied, and also means that a driver can be taken to court and disqualified.

Previously a driver could take a remedial course in some areas but ministers believed that this wasn’t strict enough, so if you are caught using a mobile phone for the first time you will automatically receive penalty points, with no option for the course.

If you are a new driver you could face a total ban if caught using a mobile phone.

You must be in full control of your vehicle at all times. If the police believe that you are not in control or are distracted you can be stopped and issued with the fine and penalty points.

The only time that you can safely use a mobile phone whilst in a vehicle is when you are safely parked or when dialling 999 or 112 where it is unsafe or impractical to stop.

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Posted by LPN on March 1st 2017


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