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During 2015, the use of leases by British businesses soared by 12%, to the highest level in 7 years!. Leasepoint have certainly been busy, and we have welcomed many new business contract hire and finance lease customers during the same time. According to the finance and leasing association, £29.1 billion of leases where taken out in this period, against assets such as IT, Office equipment, and most importantly of course, Vehicle fleets!.

In no small part, the tightening business bank loans market, has pushed many firms to leasing, so as to free up cash flow for business expansion and investment. Businesses are also switching on to considering whole life costs with their vehicle fleets, rather than being fixated with on balance sheet and ownership. Ultimately, business contract hire for cars or vans, and finance lease too, provide simplicity, and in most cases can provide a reduction in overall costs, owing to the access to wholesale discounts that they provide. Not one form of vehicle leasing or finance suits every need though, and a blended approach to business vehicle fleet procurement can result in significant savings over a fixed policy. Often, our customers are smaller fleets without full time fleet management expertise, in house, so we try to bring best practice from larger fleets to companies that run smaller numbers of vehicles.

If you have any business contract hire or finance lease needs, or would like to discuss your company car or van fleet leasing needs, please get in contact with us on 01270 620 760, or via

Posted by LPN on February 22nd 2016


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