2015 comes to a close (nearly!) and 2016 looms large!:

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We would like to thank our great customers for their support in 2015. It has been an excellent year for Leasepoint, in which we have seen ~ 25% growth versus 2014, our 5th consecutive year of positive growth in 6 years of providing businesses and individuals throughout the UK with car and van leasing and fleet services. Alas, the summit has not been reached just yet though, we have quite a lot of work queued up just now as part of our continued push in to 2016 and beyond….

Not least, we are in the process of purchasing an office unit in nearby Crewe, a Town with huge investment and re-development in process, along with the HS2 train service to complete in a few years time. We have been looking for a new home over the last 12 months, and having recently widened our scope from Nantwich (our current location) to Crewe, we immediately came across an ideal end of terrace 2 floor office unit on a popular business park that we promptly snapped up!. There will be plenty to keep us busy in the new year, with a number of works to be carried out to ensure we move in to a sparkling new environment from where we can carry out our plans!. To co-incide with the move we are transferring to new telephone and IT systems too, to cater for the new staff we will be taking on to meet our targets, so we shall certainly not be bored!.

So, what has made 2015 so good for us? and how have we continued our year on year growth?. Hard work would be the first answer, along with an uncompromising commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service to business & personal vehicle leasing customers throughout the UK. In addition to company car and van vehicle leasing, we have also increased the number of business vehicles that we look after under our vehicle fleet management service. Company car and van Compliance is of growing importance to business fleets in the UK, and we provide a range of solutions designed to ensure our customers are operating the right controls and fleet management processes. Vehicle inspection reports and online DVLA licence checks are important, as is the provision of innovative and fleet admin simplifying software. We can look after the whole of our customers fleet, whether funded on business contract hire, finance lease, outright purchase, as well as Grey fleet (those drivers in receipt of an allowance to run their own cars.)

Whatever your vehicle fleet leasing needs, we can provide a one stop shop level of support, to simplify both the day to day running of your fleet, as well as to provide an assurance of competitive rates and great service, with any car of van lease provided.

Please contact us if we can assist you in any way with your company car or commercial vehicle leasing needs. or 01270 620 760.

Have a great Christmas!.

Please also see below our festive period opening hours:

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