We value your feedback, good or bad. Please let us know what you think of our service.

Any feedback you provide is used to help us in our efforts to continually improve and grow.

As a customer focussed company, it is rare that we receive a complaint, though when a problem does occur you can be sure we will promptly work hard to resolve in line with our set procedures and regulatory standards.

In the event of a complaint being necessary, please email: and within 2 working hours of your complaint, we will reply to confirm receipt. The complaint will then be investigated internally with any staff, suppliers, or 3rd parties concerned. Within 48 hours we will then respond with an explanation of any issues surrounding your complaint, and if in any way possible, we will offer a resolution to address any outstanding problem(s). Should the issue be more complex, we will endeavour to handle your complaint so that our response is handled within the 8 week deadline as given by the financial conduct authority. If we cannot resolve within 4 weeks, our trade body can be approached to arbitrate within the remaining 4 week time limit as detailed below.

Should our resolution not be acceptable, there are also options to escalate to either:

BVRLA (our trade body) as detailed above. The BVRLA is our trade body operate an arbitration service, designed to assist with any complaint that is not resolved to your satisfaction. You can obtain a complaint form via this link:

Should you complaint need any further action, there is also:

Financial Ombudsman Service

We have not had any issue since our inception in 2009, that has required any of the above actions to be taken, indeed we have not had one formal complaint in that time. However from time to time problems do occur, and it is our fast, friendly, and customer service orientated service, that will ensure prompt resolution. It is necessary for us to make this procedure known to you, in order for us to be compliant with regulatory bodies, who are committed to the fair treatment of you, by us as a supplier.